Average time to sell the house now stands at 16 months

The average time to sell a house in 2103 was 16 months. To rent need […]

Buy or rent a house

“The advantages of buying home are quite different from rent. Before properly outline the most […]

Portuguese deliver 15 houses a day to banking

Over 5500 real estate, in 2012, were given to financial institutions for failure to pay […]

Portugal with 18% drop in construction production

The annual decline in the volume of construction compared with slips 4.7% in the Eurozone […]

Ten tips to reduce your home energy bills

1. Tightly close doors and windows Avoid opening doors or windows to the outside or […]

Home weatherize efficient solutions

Solutions tailored to your family Air conditioning is the cheapest and ecological The Home Energy […]

Simulation of property tax value

The simulation of the tax value of the property can be made online, on the […]

Book value of real estate

Who evalueted between 2005 and 2008 should go to Finance update request of the property […]

New renting law

  Since the day November 12, 2012 the new renting law entered into force but […]