Buy or rent a house

“The advantages of buying home are quite different from rent. Before properly outline the most important aspects to be taken into account when the decision is taken, it is important to highlight the advantages and disadvantages associated with the lease.

A home purchase is often the largest investment a person makes in life, so it is essential to have some care and consider very well the decision that will be taken. Although nothing is final and everything can be adjusted in the future, know what you want in life and how it may evolve in the near future is critical to be able to make commitments for the future. Being aware of the most valued aspects and what is really important in life yields more consistent decisions.

Advantages of home buying

Construction of heritage
Assoaciados tax benefits
You can use the property as collateral
Advantages of house rent

Geographical mobility
Not paid shares condominium
Pay taxes on property
There is indebted (in case of purchase through credit)
Disadvantages of buying house

High tax burden on homeowners
Hold long-term credit
Reduces the ability of investment
Property Maintenance
Disadvantages of house rent

Pay for something that will never be yours
You can pay an amount higher than you would pay if you bought the property
Do not build heritage
Credit affects future financial decisions

One of the implicit purchase of home, for most people, is the constituiçãoo aspects of a mortgage. Hold a credit obligation affects future decisions and draws financial flexibility because the supply of credit by monthly and are more or less constant norm, depending on the maturity of the interest rate associated with the loan (the variability of delivery will occur from 3 months to 5 or 10 years through fixed rate)

Caring, important aspects

There are situations in life that can influence and condition the decision to buy or rent home, for example, employment status, marital status and even age. A little stable professional situation is not favorable home buying and in the case of professions that require great mobility to purchasing a home can not be good business, because it would be paying for something I did not enjoy. Buy home before a family can also be a risky decision, because if the two have acquired their own housing, will remain a property that must be sold or leased.

What else affects the choice

Many factors that influence the decision, the heritage that one has is if you have lots of money to buy housing ready. However this decision reduces the ability to invest in other areas as it has been used in housing.

The interest rates associated with home loans and the availability of credit from financial institutions may also condition this decision. Another very important aspect is the rental market because the rental values can also influence decision making.

The Portuguese wants to be owner

We all want to have a place to live and own a home is the ultimate goal of most Portuguese because it is considered a real estate investment as a safe investment. What is true is we all want our space, even if it is not the most correct decision financially is that each must decide what path to take. We must never forget that there are investments that result in power costs, car and houses for private housing are some of these investments. ”