Ten tips to reduce your home energy bills

1. Tightly close doors and windows
Avoid opening doors or windows to the outside or unheated rooms. Do not heat areas that are not permanently occupied. Maximize the entry of sunlight, raising blinds and opening curtains.

2. Insulate the walls
Install a good insulation in the walls, through the use of polystyrene or mineral wool plates. Put double glazing and reduce by 10% the need for air conditioning. If not possible, place shutters or exterior shutters.

3. Adapt … you and your home
Dress appropriate to the season clothes, reduces the need to heat the house. If you have wooden floors or tile, carpeting place to keep their feet warm.

4. Choose the right power
Before buying an air conditioning unit, insulate your house properly and choose the device that has the appropriate power.

5. Regulate the temperature
The temperature should be located around 20 º C. Download or turn off the heating system at night time. For each additional degree, is consumed between 7% to 10% of the total energy required to heat the whole house.

6. Schedule when to have a warm home
Programmable thermostats allow control of system operation based on the temperature of the room where they are installed, and the programming of periods in which they must operate.

7. Install thermostatic valves on radiators
The installation allows to precisely adjust the temperature in each division controlling the flow of hot water needed based on the selected temperature.

8. Airconditioning that heats and cools
For the central heating, the economic choices Deco Protest, in the article “Saving energy throughout the house” are the natural gas boilers and central air conditioning. For publication, the air conditioning is preferable to electric radiators.

9. Preference for biomass
The biomasssa presupposes the use of organic matter (wastes from cleaning of forests, agriculture and others). When this type of material is used in heating systems, is economic and environmental benefits, according to the Guide to Energy Efficiency ECO EDP.

10. Refine your heating
Inspect your heating system regularly, especially if natural gas. If you have air conditioning systems clean or replace the filters periodically. Accumulated dirt hinders the passage of air, forcing the system, the wearing equipment and causes an increase in power consumption.