New renting law


Since the day November 12, 2012 the new renting law entered into force but according to the National Association of Owners (ANP) this can not be put into practice now. Miss legislation to define the income of tenants, warn. The Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Territory Planning, intend to limit the updating of budgets for five years for households with less than five national fixed minimum remuneration (RMNA) gross annual income (RABC). Thus, the maximum ceiling will rise to 25%, while in the case of 1500 and proceeds to EUR 500 per month, the limits will be 17% and 10%, respectively. Currently, the value of income accounts for 14 renderings that are already least in the case of civil servants, under the austerity measures imposed. Speaking to Lusa, the president of ANP, Antonio Frias Marques, said, “at this point, no one knows if the gross income of the people are 12 or 14 months, for example” and, therefore, the current legislation on the RABC “is manifestly out of date.” The ANP leader said that the government should adopt complementary diplomas to the new urban lease law, including the determination of income. Frias Marques stressed, however, that the process of updating the values of the lease can not immediately enter into force by being based on a negotiation between landlord and tenant process when the contract was concluded before 1990. However, from January 2013 will be an increase of 3.36% in rents of residential buildings concluded before 1980, according to a decree published on Tuesday in the Republican Daily as regards extraordinary correction factors. “Until it can be the case in January the landlord practice increase of 3.36 on the current income and then in February, according to the tenant, apply a relatively higher income,” exemplified Frias Marques. Diploma with the new rules of urban rental has input scheduled for November 12, according to the Ministry of Agriculture, Sea, Environment and Territory Planning, which contact by Lusa, did not explain the particulars of the subsidiary legislation.