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The Home Energy simulated monthly invoicing of three families, depending on the option selected central heating.

The first is a couple who live in a 1 bedroom apartment with 80 m2, placed at an intermediate floor of a multifamily building with a front. The B family consists of a couple and two children, who live in a 3 bedroom apartment, with about 150 m2, also entered an intermediate floor of a building with two fronts. The latter is composed of 5 members, lives in a house 4 bedrooms with 200 m2 and has 3 fronts. All live in Lisbon and their homes have current constructive solutions (double brick exterior walls with insulation, double glazing and movable shading devices). The most economical solution is the installation of multi-split air conditioning (heat pump) system. However, their implementation cost is heaviest and the comfort level is lower.

Monthly costs should accrue to the value it may have to pay to hire a greater power (5 to 10 euros per month). Implementation costs of the batteries of electric heat are lower, but your monthly bill should be superior to the other, because work usually also empty out in hours, and involve higher powers contracted (additional costs up to 15 euros per month) . It is the solution of the worst environmental point of view, but is advantageous when it comes to comfort and ease of installation.

“A more balanced solution to the centralized system with wall natural gas water boiler and radiators, it presents a good cost of use / implementation cost ratio, for providing good levels of thermal comfort and environmental performance,” explains Selwin Wever , Director of Buildings Thermal Regulation Performance Certification of Home Energy.