Simulation of property tax value

The simulation of the tax value of the property can be made online, on the Portal of Finance.

With the entry into force of the Code of IMI, in December 2003, there was an extensive reform of the reviews of real estate system in Portugal, introducing a set of rules based on objective evaluation factors.

In this sense, given the objectivity of the evaluation mechanism is afforded to taxpayers the possibility to simulate the taxable value of urban property for which they are required to make payment of IMI on:

This procedure not only allows for greater transparency in the system as well as the identification of possible errors in the assessments carried out by finance services.

Where errors occur, the taxpayer may request a second review within 30 days from the date on which it was notified of the outcome of the review.

In parallel, the result of this second evaluation can still be challenged in court by the taxpayer on the basis of any illegality, particularly when there is an erroneous quantification of the taxable value of the building, but only has 30 days to do so after the publication of finance.